About Online Donations to the NEF
To encourage individual gifts, the NEF accepts credit cards for online donations or tributes. We have registered with Network for Good, which charges a 3% fee to the NEF for this service. Network for Good is a part of the AOL Foundation, who have also created Guidestar, a means to promote donations and volunteerism. Check it out! There are many worthwhile Natick organizations listed at Guidestar among the 850,000+ registered charities.

About Security
An important feature of Network for Good is that all transactions are secure. They are handled at a “secure server,” and after the transaction is complete you are returned to the NEF web site. We only learn your name, address, email address if you choose to include it (though we hope you will), along with the amount of your donation. Please provide the purpose of your donation as well – for example, a teacher tribute – and anything else we need to know. Click here to see a sample donation form at Network for Good. Note that we will not have your credit card information.